10 Reasons to Use an Off-Site Data Center

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Aug 13, 2015 3:30:40 PM

RacksBy Frank Mobley, Chief Executive Officer, Immedion



Think back to why you started your business. What were you passionate about? What products did you want to develop and sell? If you own a marketing business, for example, you were probably passionate about producing creative and effective marketing materials. But do you remember dreaming of buying servers, managing your own on-site data center, and handling IT issues? Probably not.


Here’s my list of 10 reasons to get out of the server business and use an off-site data center instead:


  1. Off-site data centers make the capital investment to ensure automated fail-over power and redundancy, which means uninterrupted power for zero downtime.


  1. Off-site data centers provide the proper heating and cooling necessary to protect your servers at your colocation site.


  1. Off-site data centers handle risk management better. They offer enterprise-managed services for disaster recovery, backup, network security and systems management.


  1. Off-site data centers protect your data with all the necessary safeguards to prevent intrusion. This is important for any business, and absolutely essential for ones engaged in healthcare, financial services and manufacturing.


  1. Off-site data centers handle disaster recovery with vendor-neutral systems. They feature sophisticated fire suppression systems to limit potential system loss as well as high-tech Level 3 security with biometric access and video surveillance. They are also equipped and located in areas that are protected and fortified against natural disasters such as floods, tornados, fires and earthquakes.


  1. Off-site data centers can offer cloud strategies and hybrid cloud solutions that grow with your business. This gives you flexibility to integrate both private and public cloud solutions side-by-side to manage workloads more efficiently.


  1. Off-site data centers offer reliable and redundant network connectivity with a full range of options including end-to-end networks to give you the best control and performance to optimize your infrastructure.


  1. Off-site data centers handle your bandwidth requirements and update their protocols as needed for B2B, B2C, system mirroring, backup to disk strategies and VoIP standards.


  1. Off-site data centers take the headaches out of meeting compliance standards.


  1. Off-site data centers save time and money, compared to maintaining your own on-site data center. These resources can then be focused on core competencies and business growth.


To learn even more reasons why an off-site data center could be a smart strategy for your business, visit www.comporium.com and schedule a tour.

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