3 Rules for a More Accurate Internet Speed Test

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Aug 25, 2017 11:41:40 AM


Your Business Internet Speed

Internet speed tests can be useful indicators of virtual logjams that affect your business operations. Maybe you’ve noticed that websites or online software applications are taking longer to download or use. Or maybe file transfers you typically take for granted are taking much longer than they have in the past--or are disconnecting before they’re completed. You suspect your internet service provider may be experiencing problems, but before you call, you should run an internet speed test to be sure. But, before relying too heavily on that speed test, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration. 

Your Modem or Router May be the Culprit

First, your own equipment may be the culprit. The usual suspect is the modem or router, which enables traffic to traverse your ISP’s network, and allows multiple devices to use your connection, respectively. The first thing you want to do is clear all users and devices from the network.  Then, unplug the modem or router from the outlet. Wait a couple of minutes before you restore the power.  Turn the modem on first, then the router (if you have both) in order to allow the devices to completely recycle.

Test Each Device on the Network

The problem may also lie with the devices themselves.  To ensure it’s not a device specific issue, conduct a test from each device on your business network.  If there’s a router in the equation, your computer can often be directly connected to the modem and tested from there to rule out router-specific problems for those who have both.  The modem will need to be rebooted once the computer is hooked up. Restart your device (be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone). Then see if your internet speeds improve. This may seem like a nuisance but it’s an important step towards making sure the internet speed test results are accurate measures of your service rather than faults in the equipment you use every day to access your network.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Third, browser caches operate invisibly and reliably in the background…until they don’t. Clear these caches and check the speeds again. You’ll be able to tell if this was the culprit instead of the service itself.  There’s not a one-size fits all for clearing browser caches, so you will need to search online for instructions specific to your device and browser. 

By taking these three steps toward running accurate internet speed tests, you can rest assured that the results will be reasonably reliable and not subject to circumstances that are under your control.

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