5 Hottest Video Surveillance Trends for 2020

Posted by Comporium Business Services on May 28, 2020 5:44:29 PM

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Video surveillance is making its mark in a range of industries, helping to detect and prevent security incidents for businesses everywhere. As technology continues to evolve, surveillance solutions are following suit, with state-of-the art functions and features.

Here’s what in store for video surveillance in 2020 and beyond:  

1. Cloud-Based Data Insight
Through cloud processing, video surveillance will become indispensable to marketing strategies and business operations. In addition to recording live footage, today’s surveillance solutions offer data insights that can help reduce losses from theft and fraud, monitor and improve customer service, track conversion rates, and identify gaps in daily operations. While these capabilities already exist to some extent, we’ll begin to see more businesses harnessing the power of data insights in the coming years.
2. Enhanced Cybersecurity
In this digital era, cybersecurity is a major concern, and video surveillance devices are extremely susceptible to attacks. Given the legal, financial and reputational risks associated with data breaches and leaked video, organizations are justly concerned about ensuring the integrity and security of their video content. Hackers can use this highly sensitive data to put people’s privacy at risk, destroy evidence or even sell video content. This is why it is important for business owners to know that they are choosing a Business Services company that focuses on enhanced cybersecurity for their clients.
3. Artificial Intelligence
As AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes broadly adopted, it will be incorporated in video surveillance solutions in upcoming years. While today’s security cameras collect and send data to the server for analysis, AI would allow the camera to automatically analyze the data prior to sending. This means there would be less data to transfer and store, freeing up valuable space and time. By eliminating superfluous footage, AI could stand to drastically improve detection rates and reduce false alarms.
4. Facial Recognition
This year, facial recognition demands will continue to grow as the technology becomes more and more effective. While facial recognition is somewhat controversial, its accuracy is unrivaled. There may be more extensive privacy policies put in place, but we still believe it will be incorporated into video surveillance moving forward.
5. High-Resolution Video
Video surveillance has produced notoriously low-quality content in previous years. But, with the improvement of visual clarity across all video types, we’ll see surveillance devices with higher resolution than ever before. This means video analytics will generate more valuable insights for businesses. 2020 holds a wealth of opportunity for video surveillance capabilities. Keep an eye out for our predicted trends, as technological advancements continue to have a significant impact on the business world.
Comporium Video Surveillance Solutions
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