5 Ways that Digital Signage can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Jun 17, 2020 3:54:44 PM

5 Ways that Digital Signage can Benefit Your Business Featured Image

Building a compelling user experience is a must in this fast-paced digital world. Today’s businesses are moving their strategies away from “selling” and more toward storytelling—which is why digital signage has become such a powerful marketing tool.

Digital signage is an electronic asset used to convey information to in-store audiences. These LED or LCD display screens can have a significant impact on sales, helping to educate, engage and inform consumers as they shop. Here’s how digital signage can up your marketing game:  

1. Engages the Consumer
Digital signage gives consumers the unique opportunity to engage with your brand, rather than simply read about it. Eye-catching visuals and interactive pieces are more memorable than static marketing assets, putting your products at top of mind when it matters most—during the shopping experience.
2. Widens Your Reach
Because digital signage is so dynamic, it allows you to adapt your content as necessary. This means you can tailor your messaging to specific audiences, seasons or even times of day. While static materials are final as soon as you send them to print, digital signage lets you try new things and reach wider audiences.
3. Saves Time and Resources
Digital marketing pieces eliminate the need for printed materials like brochures, billboards and large posters. In general, print advertising requires more manual work than digital displays, which can be managed from a central location. By increasing your internal bandwidth, you can free up time to create more compelling, creative visuals that resonate with your target audience.
4. Generates Impulse Sales
Interactive in-store displays have the power of the “here and now,” drawing in consumers as they browse. Creatively showcasing your products or services is a great way drive awareness to your brand. And once you have the attention of your target audience, you can increase your selling potential.
5. Educates Target Audience
Simply put, people don’t buy into products they don’t understand. By displaying relevant content at the direct point of purchase, you can give customers more information, helping to influence their purchasing decisions. Digital signage gives you a chance to call attention to a problem and present a solution, all at the same time.
Comporium Digital Signage Solutions
Looking to take your marketing strategies to the next level with digital signage? Comporium can help. Comporium is a telecommunications leader offering a diverse and technologically rich suite of business solutions. To learn more, visit www.business.comporium.com or call (888) 740-5307 and schedule an appointment.


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