5 Ways to Know What Internet Providers are Right for Your Business

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Jul 24, 2020 6:27:28 PM
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Having a dependable internet connection is vital to internal and external business communications. But with so many choices, how do you know which provider is right for you? It really comes down to finding a reliable service that meets your organizational needs.

Here are five things to consider as you begin researching internet providers.

1. Location
Location will determine which internet providers can accommodate your business. Not every service option is available in every area, so your choices may be limited. Another thing to consider is that, just because a provider is available in your area, does not mean their advertised rates apply.
2. Speed
You need a fast, reliable internet connection to support your daily operations. Frequent service interruptions can hurt your bottom line, bringing productivity to a stand-still.
Depending how many employees need to access the internet at the same time, and what kind of tasks they perform each day, your bandwidth needs may vary. Faster upload speeds save time and help increase productivity when performing high-bandwidth activities such as sending large files or backing up data to the cloud. Talk with your prospective internet provider about what kind of speeds you can expect before making a decision.
3. Transparency
A good internet provider will offer up their expertise while you’re still in the researching phase, walking you through the entire process and answering questions along the way. They should be able to give you a written estimate of the services you'll receive, what kind of equipment is included, and details about installation and set-up. Transparency is key when it comes to choosing a trustworthy provider.
4. Service Plans
These days, you may look to your internet provider to deliver additional services like phone systems, business TV, or email. The best companies will help you find a customized plan to suit your unique business needs.
5. Customer Support
Finally, you should choose a service provider that offers exceptional customer service when you need it the most. If you experience outages or other problems with your internet, how quickly can you get assistance? Will you have direct access to customer support? How easy is the installation process? Selecting the right internet provider can minimize stress and help keep business operations running smoothly.
Comporium Business Solutions
If you’re seeking an internet provider that is large enough to offer cutting edge technology, but small enough to offer superior customer service—Comporium can help.

Comporium Business offers a wide range of solutions for small, medium, and large businesses—From Cloud VoIP Services to Smart Business Security, Fiber Optic Internet Services to Digital Signage. Our team will help you choose which service or combination of services best addresses your unique challenges. And, we’ll walk you through a carefully thought-out plan of action, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

To learn more and or speak to a sales representative, visit www.business.comporium.com or call (888) 740-5307 and schedule a tour.


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