“A Few Bad Apples” Led to Open Internet Rules

Posted by Comporium Business Services on May 28, 2015 9:20:41 AM




By Greg Lunsford, Director – Revenue & Regulatory Affairs



On February 26, 2015, the FCC adopted Open Internet (also called Net Neutrality) rules designed to protect free expression and innovation on the Internet and promote investment in the nation's broadband networks. When customers ask me about this issue, I tell them the new Open Internet rules are anti-climactic for Comporium; they will not really impact us. Why? Because Comporium never engaged in any of the banned activities in the first place. The FCC has said there will be:


  • No Blocking: Broadband providers may not block access to legal content, applications, services or non-harmful devices.
  • No Throttling: Broadband providers may not impair or degrade lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, applications, services or non-harmful devices.
  • No Paid Prioritization: Broadband providers may not favor some lawful Internet traffic over other lawful traffic in exchange for consideration of any kind — in other words, no "fast lanes." This rule also bans ISPs (Internet service providers) from prioritizing content and services of their affiliates.


At Comporium, we view these Open Internet rules as essentially unnecessary. Our entire industry is having rules applied to them because of “a few bad apples.” The fact of the matter is that occurrences of blocking, throttling and paid prioritization by unscrupulous ISPs have been extremely rare. Comporium would have preferred these occurrences be handled on a case-by-case basis. That said, we will recognize and respect the FCC’s order.


What I want the customers of Comporium to clearly understand is that Open Internet rules will in no way change the Internet service we bring to you. You will not notice anything different in the way your connection performs in terms of content access or speed. Comporium always has, and always will, run a high-quality, customer-focused network. We’re committed to bringing you a great customer experience, and that will never change.

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