Bye-Bye, Bulletin Boards. Hello, Hypersign!

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Feb 6, 2015 3:25:39 PM


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By Caroline Jones, Business Sales Representative, Comporium


When I was going to school, the bulletin boards in hallways were the place to get the latest news about upcoming activities. Well, things have changed. These days, I’m back inside schools telling administrators about Hypersign, the digital signage platform.


Comporium expanded its communications portfolio to start offering Hypersign in late 2014. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of helping area schools (as well as other organizations and businesses) implement this technology. For example, Comporium has installed Hypersign for the Richland County School District in half a dozen of their schools and this number will continue to grow. They are using Hypersign to display daily menus inside cafeteria's, provide school activity information for students and visitors in lobby areas, highlight registration and testing information in guidance counselor offices and feature selected books in media centers.


One of the cool things you can do with Hypersign is create a video wall with four monitors together. We’re currently installing this configuration in the media room of a local middle school. During class periods in this media room, the video wall will be used as a learning tool to display content such as photos, videos, diagrams or lesson notes. During other times, the display will show students the month’s featured books. Teachers have told me the video wall captures the attention of students much better than paper signs. Pictures of students can also be displayed on the monitors and kids love to see themselves “on the big screen.”


There are lots of other advantages of digital signage over the printed variety. Hypersign will save on paper and printing costs by reducing the need for paper signs throughout buildings. In the Richland County School District, Hypersign has also solved the problem of students ripping paper signs off of bulletin boards.


Enhanced safety is another Hypersign benefit. In a school environment, the Hypersign Alert app can take control of the display system with the push of a button on a tablet in the principal’s office. In case of an intruder, for instance, this one button will post a pre-established emergency message on every display in the building, such as “Intruder Warning.” If the fire alarm is pulled, the displays show “Fire Alert.” The displays can also be set up to show evacuation plans specific to each part of the school.


How could Hypersign be used at your business? I have many ideas for unique and creative digital signage applications that work well in small, mid-size and enterprise-level businesses. I’ll share some of these business applications in upcoming blogs. The possibilities are virtually endless, and that’s the sign of amazing technology!


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