Debunking 3 Misconceptions About Our Online Data Backup

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Jan 19, 2016 2:14:41 PM



By Bert Hudson, Internet Solutions Specialist, Comporium



I’m starting this blog with good news. If your business uses Comporium’s High Speed Internet, you are entitled to our online data backup at no extra charge; it’s included in your monthly rate. Tier 1 Standard plans get 10 GB of free storage. Tier 2 Ultra plans get 15 GB of free storage. And Tier 3 Ultra plans get 25 GB of free storage.


Surprisingly, most of our business customers with these High Speed Internet plans are not taking advantage of the value-added service of free online data backup. Why?


The reasons vary, of course. But from my experience talking with business owners, there are common misconceptions that get in the way:


  1. “Comporium’s online data backup is probably expensive.” One of my top goals with this blog in to get the word out that free online data backup is included with our qualifying High Speed Internet plans. Cost is simply not a factor. You can’t get more affordable than free. There will only be a charge if the storage levels are exceeded, and that rarely happens.


  1. “I’m concerned that Comporium’s online data backup would be too difficult and/or time consuming.” This is not true. It takes only about 30 minutes to set up Comporium’s online data backup, and you’re prompted through the entire user-friendly process. There’s no need to hire an IT person to handle it. Once you’ve chosen which folders are to be backed up and the frequency you want it done, the backups will take place automatically.


  1. “My business already uses another form of data backup, so I don’t see the need for Comporium’s online data backup.” Even if your business is already using a data backup system — perhaps a paid online service such as Barracuda Backup, Iron Mountain or Carbonite, or an external device such as a Network Attached Storage drive — there’s a place for Comporium’s free online data backup. It makes an excellent secondary backup for critical data, which is invaluable in case of failure with your primary method.


I started this blog with good news, and I’ll end it the same way. The online data backup that comes with Comporium’s High Speed Internet is safe, secure and easily accessible. If you’d like to start using it, contact your Business Services Representative at 1.866.889.2667 or to learn more.

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