Do I Really Need High Speed Internet for My Business?

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Nov 20, 2020 4:23:07 PM
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High-speed internet is a must-have for any business, particularly in today’s digital era. It has a direct impact on productivity, scalability, communication, and even your bottom line.

Here’s why having a fast and reliable connection is so important in the business world.

Boosts Productivity

Most employees depend on a strong internet connection to do their jobs each day. Poor internet speeds equate to longer upload and download times, slower applications, and lags in communication—which really add up in the long run. High-speed internet eliminates downtime and distractions, helping your team perform their daily tasks without hassle.

Promotes Collaboration

The success of any business relies on solid communication, so it’s important for the team to keep in touch with each other and with clients. And, to maintain a collaborative and productive environment while you’re away from the office, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection. Video conference, teleconferencing and collaboration platforms for marketing, sales and training require sufficient bandwidth. If you are stuck with a slow connection, you can’t take full advantage of many game-changing tools on the market today.

Reduces Costs

It’s tempting to try to save money by opting for an economic internet package. But in reality, the initial added cost of high-speed internet is quickly absorbed through efficiency. These upfront costs are also offset by savings in other areas of business. For example, high-speed internet gives you the opportunity to implement Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP telephone service rather than a traditional phone service. So, the benefits by far outweigh the added costs.

Allows for Better Security

Slower internet speeds are less resistant to hacking and other security breaches. That is because the agility required for disaster response is completely reliant on speed. Additionally, the amount of data that businesses need to back up is increasing all the time, and high-speed internet allows these backups to remain uninterrupted throughout the workday.

For all of these reasons and more, high-speed internet is non-negotiable for your business. To maintain a productive work environment with seamless collaboration, consider investing in a faster connection today.

Need High Speed Internet for Your Business?

If you think your business could benefit from faster internet speeds, Comporium can help. We are a telecommunications leader offering a diverse and technologically rich suite of business products—including high-speed internet packages. We can also help with voice solutions, data, wireless, structured wiring and cabling, security, computer network service, and more. Our team can walk you through your options to find the best plan for your business and needs.

To learn more and or speak to a sales representative, visit or call (888) 740-5307 and schedule a tour.


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