Hosted VoIP Creates Greater Efficiencies

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Jan 6, 2016 9:44:01 AM




By Angie Robitaille, Marketing Product Coordinator III, Comporium


In the business world, there’s no time to waste. To be competitive and profitable, your staff needs to make the most of every minute. Little wonder, then, that “efficiency” is one of the top search terms used when people are exploring new business technology.


If your business is still using legacy equipment such as landlines and TDM/PBX phone systems, you may very well be searching for more efficiency. You’ll find it with Comporium’s Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions.


Why is Hosted VoIP more efficient than traditional phone systems? Because it offers an ever-evolving list of advanced features that streamline operations and provide more flexibility in how and where people work:


  • Businesses of all sizes are able to be more efficient because Hosted VoIP consolidates voice and data networks over a single connection, while giving voice calls priority over Internet and data traffic.


  • Business owners and employees need technology that helps them work more efficiently in today’s mobile environment. For example, salespeople who are frequently out of the office can take the many advantages of Hosted VoIP with them while on the road.


  • Broadworks Anywhere, a Hosted VoIP feature, allows employees to configure any device to ring their single office line. This means they can receive calls to that one phone number regardless of where they are — at the office, in a meeting, traveling or at home.


  • Broadworks Anywhere also allows employees to make calls from any device using their single office line. This is especially important for teleworkers, who want the office phone number to display when making business calls so the vendor or customer doesn’t have access to a personal phone number.


  • The Hosted VoIP webportal gives employees the ability to make changes to their office line anytime and anywhere they have Internet access. In addition, the conference bridge for group calls can be easily managed online through this webportal.


  • Offices in different locations, even in different cities or states, can be connected with Hosted VoIP and enjoy the timesaving convenience of four-digit dialing with co-workers.


In the interest of efficiency, next time you’re searching for ways to make your business more efficient, simply go straight to

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