Should I create a digital menu board for my restaurant?

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Nov 13, 2020 5:56:43 PM

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The food-and-beverage industry is ever-changing which has forced restaurant owners to have to stay ahead of the competition. One trend that has been a game-changer over the past year is the digital menu board.

With an electronic menu display, customers do not have to physically touch a menu to order, which makes them a great solution to combat current COVID sanitation concerns. Aside from their current relevance during the pandemic, digital menu boards can also help:

Maximize Efficiency

Digital menu boards give you better control over which items you want to highlight each day, week, or season. When a seasonal dish changes or you run out of a special, you can make the updates yourself without designing and printing a new menu. This means it’s easier to manage your food items and prices regularly without the added cost of manually updates.

Increase Accessibility

Digital menu boards are accessible from anywhere with internet access. This means you or your management team can monitor the entire system’s content and have complete control of what messages are being communicated to the customer all from the convenience of your office or home.

Enhance the Dining Experience

Digital menu boards enhance the restaurant experience for your guests. Pictures speak louder than words, so if customers can see what they’re getting before they order; they can make more informed decisions. Additionally, when customers can order more quickly, it helps reduce wait times for your other guests.

Promote Upselling

Highlighting premium items with an eye-catching display can grab customers’ attention and help increase check averages. You can also showcase complimentary drinks or sides on your digital menu board to promote upselling.

Automate Daily Updates

Another great thing about digital signage is that you don’t have to remember to change your menu during the day. You can set up your digital menu to automatically adjust based on the time. So when lunch ends and dinner begins, so will your menu.

Highlight Promotions

Digital menu boards are so customizable and quick to update that you can easily test out promotional items and specials to see how they perform. And, because there is no overhead cost associated with price changes or different creative approaches—it’s an inexpensive opportunity to see which marketing choices impact your bottom line.

Bring Digital Menu Boards to Your Restaurant

The benefits of digital menus are invaluable in current times and beyond. If you’re ready to transform your customers’ dining experiences and help boost sales for your business, Comporium can help. We offer a diverse and technologically rich suite of business products, including digital signage through the HyperSign™ platform.

Hypersign Solutions make it easy to automatically update your menu boards, showcase specials, display loyalty reward offers, and more. To learn more, visit or call 888-740-5307 and schedule an appointment.


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