The Next Big Thing in Business Solutions

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Jun 15, 2020 5:15:21 PM

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Companies are no longer speculating about analytics; rather, they are actively seeking the best the business solutions to make the most of their data. Business Intelligence tools and technologies are evolving and becoming increasingly customized, helping more and more organizations reach their performance goals.

Here’s a quick look at what’s in store for business solutions in the coming years.  

Collaborative BI
True to its name, Collaborative BI is the idea of bringing teams together to make better data decisions. For example, an organization might share reports with several departments, taking everyone’s individual expertise and feedback into consideration. Merging business perspectives allow for a granular view of operations, establishing best practices that work for the entire organization. In 2020 and beyond, we will see companies lean into knowledge sharing, implementing business solutions that allow greater visibility and collaboration.
Visual Data Discovery
Data can be a great asset to any business, but only if it generates actionable insights. Visual data discovery converts vast amounts of information into easily digestible content. Whether in the form of charts, graphs, or other creative visuals, business solutions that can provide clear and relevant connections between data sets can give companies a better understanding of their needs.
Data-Driven Culture
In 2020, data won’t just drive decisions, but will also drive company culture. By empowering all teams and employees to create strategies based on information derived from data, businesses can thrive amongst the competition. Building advanced analytics models that can optimize outcomes is one of the trends that will shape the future of business solutions.
Storytelling Principles
To truly build a culture based on analytics, data storytelling is becoming pivotal. Storytelling helps put business statistics into context, generating more meaningful insights. Businesses have realized that dashboard figures make no sense if they are not interpreted accurately. Embracing storytelling principles can bring analytics-based conversations to life. This emerging trend will help ensure team members can get a feel for the true power of data, and contribute to strategic planning and pursuits.

Looking forward, companies should realize that the right business solutions can helps their team make smarter decisions. Staying on top of business intelligence trends is the best way to plan for the future and set your organization up for on-going success.
Comporium Business Solutions
In the coming years, business solutions will continue to evolve, helping companies in virtually every industry transform their daily operations and decision-making skills. Comporium is a telecommunications leader offering a diverse and technologically rich suite of business solutions. To learn how Comporium can help turn your data into real insights, visit or call (888) 740-5307 and schedule an appointment.


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