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Posted by Comporium Business Services on Apr 29, 2015 9:16:21 AM

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By Jonathan McDonough, Security Sales Consultant



All kinds of thieves use all kinds of strategies to steal from businesses. Burglars look for opportunities to break into, or sneak into, buildings while avoiding detection. Shoplifters create distractions and/or pretend to be browsing while slipping merchandise into a pocket or purse. Dishonest employees take merchandise out the back door to a dumpster and then come back to pick it up later.

Fortunately, Comporium offers a wide variety of security solutions to help you outsmart these and other thieves and protect your valuable property. As a Security Sales Consultant, I visit with businesses of all types and sizes to talk about their theft concerns and develop the right mix of security equipment and services to address them.


Theft-related security options available from Comporium include:

Basic Wireless Security System
This type of system is ideal for small businesses with limited security requirements. It offers great value and peace-of-mind.

Customized Security System
Depending on your needs, a customized security system could include door contacts, glass breaks, motion detectors and more. It helps protect against intrusion by producing an audible alarm at your business as well as an alarm at the Comporium monitoring station. After the alarm sounds, the monitoring center employee will call your business first to make sure it’s not a false alarm; then, if needed, a call will go out to the appropriate emergency personnel.

Video Surveillance
Having a video surveillance system installed in your business is vital in reducing external and internal theft and protecting your assets. Comporium offers video surveillance systems that let you keep an eye on your business via the Internet from any device. You can even get cameras that enable you to pan, tilt and zoom from a remote location to get a better look at suspicious activity while it’s happening. For video storage, we carry both DVR (digital video recorder) and NVR (network video recorder) equipment; the latter is used for IP (Internet protocol) systems.

Access Control
Access control lets you easily restrict or grant access to certain areas by using customized ID badging rather than traditional keys. Comporium’s systems let you set up different access for different people. For example, an administrator might have 24/7 access to a building but other employee groups might only be allowed access during certain hours. You can add additional layers of security with biometric devices such as hand scanners and finger print readers. What’s more, you’re able to pull up an access control history and employee-specific reports.

Security is about much more than simply installing a couple of cameras; lots of people can do that for you. What your business really needs is a comprehensive security solution and a company to back up the equipment with long-term local service. That’s what you get from Comporium. We’re an authorized Honeywell dealer — one of the world’s largest security equipment manufacturers. Our technicians receive thorough Honeywell training. And our UL-accredited monitoring center is staffed by local Comporium employees.

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