What Can You Do With a Gig?

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Jul 21, 2015 12:44:49 PM

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By Matthew L. Dosch, Executive Vice President of Customer Operations and External Affairs



In June 2014, Comporium rolled out Zipstream, our Gigabit (Gig) broadband Internet service, in downtown Rock Hill. (As a reminder, one Gigabit is equal to 1,000 Megabits per second of Internet speed. This means that Zipstream is 85 to 100 times faster than the average home broadband service.) We deployed Zipstream in support of Rock Hill’s Knowledge Park economic development initiative, and thought it would primarily be used by software and tech businesses and small companies that download large files or many files – such as photographers, web marketing firms and architects. But we quickly discovered a much broader range of businesses were interested in Zipstream.


Why do businesses want Gigabit speeds? What can you do with a Gig? The simple answer is this: you can do whatever your business is doing now — data transferring, downloading and uploading — but it will get done in seconds instead of minutes, or minutes instead of hours. Gig speeds are a huge timesaver and productivity booster.


But it’s not only about moving files faster. It’s also about enhancing performance. Gigabit service from Comporium improves the quality of streaming video by vastly reducing buffering, and opens the door to the optimal use of real-time collaboration tools and cloud-based applications.


You may be thinking Gig service won’t fit in your budget. Think again. Zipstream provides a huge amount of broadband throughput for an affordable price.


I’ve talked about what businesses can do with a Gig. Now let’s think about what communities can do with a Gig. Attracting new businesses to our community was a driving factor in the launch of Zipstream by Comporium. Currently, Gigabit Internet service is available in relatively few markets across the country. Based upon our research of those other select markets where a Gig is available, we at Comporium are convinced there is a direct correlation between the growth of knowledge economy jobs and the availability of Gigabit Internet. And knowledge economy jobs are exactly what Rock Hill’s Knowledge Park economic development strategy is all about!


Gigabit service is available in Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Lancaster right now. We can’t wait to see what all of you do with a Gig!


To learn more about Comporium's Zipstream service visit www.zipstreambroadband.com.


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