What is Access Control and Why Do You Need It for Your Business?

Posted by Comporium Business Services on Aug 13, 2020 6:34:22 PM

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Today’s businesses are vulnerable to a number of security thefts and crime. Making sure your employees and facility remain safe is a top priority, and access control may be the perfect solution.  

What Is Access Control?
Access control is a system that allows you to control who enters your business, as well as where and when someone can enter or exit. The most common access control systems consist of key fobs or ID badges that allow entry to authorized individuals.

Here’s why you should consider investing in an access control system for your business.

Employee Safety

Access control keeps your business running smoothly and safely each day, letting authorized employees into the building, and keeping intruders out. Businesses generally see a lot of in-and-out traffic, and it can be difficult to keep track of who is authorized to be in the building and who isn’t. Access control helps prevent strangers from slipping in undetected, giving your team peace of mind while they work.

Monitoring and Reporting

Through access control, you can get an in-depth look at your building’s traffic and pull a comprehensive audit of who is in the building and when. This helps you keep up with when employees are coming going throughout the day. And, if an incident occurs, you can go back and pull a report to get a better idea of what happened.

Theft Prevention

Not only can access control deter outside criminals from entering your building, but it can also prevent internal theft. Access control allows you to regulate who has access to certain areas, keeping specific locations or valuable equipment off-limits if necessary.

Simple Key Replacement

Relying on traditional keys to give team members access to the building can be a hassle. In the case of a lost or stolen key, duplication is not only costly, but it opens the door to potential security risks. If someone finds a lost key, they will have access to your building. But, with access control, you can simply and inexpensively give an employee a replacement ID badge, and deactivate the missing one at the same time.

Remote Access

Another great feature of access control systems is their ability to be controlled remotely. This means you can grant employees or guests access into the building without physically being there to let them in.

Comporium Access Control Solutions
If you’re looking to protect your business with an access control system, Comporium can help. We provide security solutions for small, medium and large organizations, helping to keep your team and business safe. With a customized security system, we can address your unique business needs. To learn more, visit www.business.comporium.com or call (888) 740-5307 and schedule an appointment.


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