With QoS (Quality of Service), Voice Traffic Gets Priority

Posted by Comporium Business Services on May 18, 2015 10:02:53 AM

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By Barry Duncan, Business Services Sales Manager; and Judson Davis, Director – Transmission Facilities Engineering



Highways at rush hour aren’t the only places that deal with heavy traffic. So do today’s fiber networks, which carry large volumes of voice traffic and data traffic to accommodate high utilization technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), streaming video, video conferencing, multimedia, high performance databases and business operation platforms.


To give our customers the best experience, Comporium uses QoS. Put simply, QoS is the ability to differentiate between different kinds of network traffic and treat them differently, giving some traffic higher priority than others. This means that Comporioum prioritizes voice traffic (VoIP calls) over data traffic during instances when there’s more data to send than a “pipe” can handle.


Why? Comporium is all about creating the best customer experience, and QoS is part of this commitment. We put the highest priority on what our customers care the most about, and for 99 percent of customers, that’s voice quality. Think of it this way: As a customer, you wouldn’t notice if a website loaded at a slightly slower speed. But you would notice even minimal congestion on a VoIP call since the call would sound choppy. Beyond the annoyance factor, poor quality during a business call can be detrimental to the customer relationships your business works so hard to develop and maintain.


If you’ve had frustrating experiences with VoIP calls in the past, it was probably from a provider that didn’t use QoS and sold less sophisticated VoIP services. By contrast, QoS has been the standard for Comporium during the more than 10 years we’ve offered Hosted VoIP services. When you’re on a VoIP call through Comporium, our quality will come through loud and clear.

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